Chumash Rashi KePshuto Paperback Set

חומש רש"י כפשוטו סט

Chumash Rashi KePshuto Paperback Set

Chumash Rashi KePshuto Set, organized and published anew with many new features and nicer fonts, with a full explaination of Rashi in a easy-Hebrew.

A sefer that will enhance everyone's study of Rashi's commentary on the Torah! In this valuable work, the original text and lettering of Rashi is accompanied by an expanded explanation of Rashi's words in a commentary called Rashi Kipshuto. Also includes the commentaries of Onkelos, Toldos Aharon, and Baal Haturim.

The commentary was produced by a team of scholars under the leadership of Rabbis Naftali and Dovid Anshin.

Rashi's classic commentary on the Torah, presented with a level of clarity and understanding you never thought possible. What textual difficulty troubled Rashi? Why did he choose this particular comment? What of Ramban's objection? How does the Torah's language indicate Rashi's p'shat? To which passage in the Targum does Rashi refer? Anyone who studies Rashi, the father of all commentators, will have questions like these. Behind the deceptive simplicity of Rashi is a depth and clarity that has engaged the minds of great scholars for over eight hundred years. In this brilliant new treatment, Rashi is presented in a clear manner similar to the Sapirstein Edition in English by Artsroll, the method that has won praise the world over.

חמשה חומשי תורה: רש"י כפשוטו

עם ביאור משולב על רש"י הקדוש בלשון קלה

סודר ונדפס מחדש ... ועל כולם נתוסף רש"י כפשוטו ... ביאור משולב על רש"י ... בלשון קלה ושוה לכל

חומש רש"י כפשוטו, סודר ונדפס מחדש ברוב פאר והדר באותיות מאירות עינים, ועל כולם ניתווסף רש"י כפשוטו, כשמו כן הוא ביאור משולב על רש"י הק', בלשון קלה ושווה לכל. כריכה רכה.

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Made in Israel - ארץ ישראל
Format Paperback (Soft Cover)
Genre Torah / Commentaries / Rashi
Width 4.1 inches
Height 5.3 inches
Volumes 10
Language Hebrew - עִבְרִית
Publisher Leshem - הוצאת לשם
Publishing Date 2011
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Pocket-Size Set - Paperback

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Volume Dimensions: 4.1 x 5.3 inches

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