Woven Braided Geflochtene Atarah Diamond Design

עטרה ארוג כסף - געפלאכטענע עטרה

Woven Braided Geflochtene Atarah Diamond Design

Enhance your Tallit see selection with this exquisite hand-woven (braided; Yiddish: Geflochtene) Atarah. This Atarah uses pure silver thread to weave this intricate pattern. Truly one of kind his beautiful design will make an Tallis stand out.

Lacquered for tarnish resistance mounted on rayon satin fabric.

Attaching this Atarah onto a Tallit

You may add the service of sewing on a Atarah onto a Tallit to the cart if you want it done. If you are purchasing more than one Tallit, please indicate in the comments box (during checkout) which Talis you would like this Atara sewn on to.

Underlaying Lining

The standard Atarah, includes a free white satin that it is attached onto. We can add other custom linings.

Product Details

Package Also Includes Attached underlaying lining
Color Silver
Width 5¼ inches
Length 38 inches
Manufacturer's Model No. 702
MSRP $299.99 Price $

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