Folded Haneirot Haloli Kodesh Heim with Birchat Hamazon - 005

8-Fold; Available in Ashkenaz only

Folded Haneirot Haloli Kodesh Heim with Birchat Hamazon - 005

הנרות הללו קודש הם


Folded in eight (8), a classic cream background, with a light gold Menorah design.


Full program includes Berachot/ברכות, and some Zemirot/זמירות.

Added in the end is the full Birchat Hamazon / ברכת המזון, making it most useful when given as a souvenir at a Bar Mitzvah, Bat Mitzvah, wedding, Chanukah party, etc.

When clicking on the picture, you can see inside sample pages.


Get this Chanukah Sameach personalized. Make your event memorable with this souvenir. Every year when used during Chanukah, your guest will read on the cover that they got it at your wedding, Bar/Bat Mitzvah, etc.

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Product Details

Made in Israel - ארץ ישראל
Format Folded
Color Cream
Age(s) All
Width 3¼ inches
Height 6½ inches
Pages 16
Language Hebrew - עִבְרִית
Manufacturer's Model No. 7CZ5 or 005
MSRP Price

Ashkenaz - אשכנז

$2.99 $2.39*
Used by western Jews (i.e. European, American, etc.)

Sefard - ספרד

$2.99 $2.39*
Used by Chassidic Jews

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