Di Parsha Ehrtzeilt Mir by Rabbi Y. Hofkowitz

For young Children

Di Parsha Ehrtzeilt Mir by Rabbi Y. Hofkowitz

The Tell Me the Story of the Parshah series has quickly become a favorite among children all over the world. We a pleased to present you with the Yiddish translation of this great seller.

This book is charmingly written with young readers in mind. The beautiful illustrations that adorn the book contribute to its appealing design and enhance the reading experience.

Product Details

Made in Israel - ארץ ישראל
Format Hardcover
Genre Torah / Children / Colorful
Age(s) 4-9
Width 8½ inches
Height 12 inches
Volumes 1
Language Yiddish - אידיש
Publisher Ushenantom Levonecha - ושננתם לבנך
MSRP Price

Volume 3: Vayikrah - ויקרא

$59.99 $39.99
Pages: 113; laminated

For the Parsha of Vayikra, Tzav, Shemini, Sazria, Metzorah, Achrei, Kedoshim, Emor, Behar, Bechukosai

די פרשיות פון ויקרא, צו, שמיני, תזריע, מצורע, אחרי, קדושים, אמור, בהר, בחקותי.

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