Getting to Know Your Self - Da Es Atzmecha - By Itamar Shwartz

The Gateway To Recognizing Your Inner Strengths

Getting to Know Your Self - Da Es Atzmecha - By Itamar Shwartz

Da Es Atzmecha - Getting to Know Your Self has a companion volume: Da Es Nafshecha - Getting to Know Your Soul.

To properly grow, you must first know who you really are. This work, based on a lecture series given in Tel Aviv, teaches us to see ourselves as pure souls, and not be disheartened by flaws, which are in fact nothing more than superficial garments over the soul. Once this awareness is achieved, we learn to feel love toward the rest of the world, and finally, to discover Hashem deep within us.

Get to know the power that all Jews have with in them, by the author of the Bilvavi Mishkan Evneh series good for Psychologists. This brilliant and profound sefer helps one search and understand his inner soul and potential, so that he can truly recognize his creator. The study of ones soul encompasses great wisdom and in depth examination. Many will turn to psychology alone to acquire this knowledge, however it is necesary to combine the Torah perspective and philosophies along with study of psychology because man's inner being is spiritual and godly.

This inspiring book will guide the reader via Torah values and theories on how to recognize his strength and fulfill his potential. A must for every Jewish psychologist.

Translated from the Hebrew דע את עצמך.

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