Children's Play Sefer Torah 799 with Aron Kodesh and Shtender

Also includes Belt, Jacket, and more

Children's Play Sefer Torah 799 with Aron Kodesh and Shtender

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Comes with Bima and Aron Kodash, and Belt and Meteleh. Your kids will love this one! This set is like nothing you've seen before!

This Sefer Torah has beautiful pictures of the weekly Parshah. It's combined with a Bima and an Aron Kodash for the kids to play as if they are in Shul.

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Product Features

  • Beautiful colorful graphics on every week's Parshah
  • Play Bimah (Shtender/Stender) and Aron Kodesh (Housing) enclosed
  • Play Belt and Jacket (Menteleh)
  • Protective plastic jacket.


Product Details

Package Also Includes Torah; Velcro Belt; Menteleh (Jacket); Protective Plastic; Aron Kodesh (Closet); Bimah (Shtender)
Made in Israel
UPC 7290102472710
Genre Toys / Pretend / Synagogue
Color Colorful
Age(s) 2-12
Width 10½ inches
Length 14 inches
Depth 3 inches
Weight 2½ lb.
Material Paperboard (Cardboard)
Language Hebrew - עִבְרִית
Publisher Malchut Vaxberger
Release Date August 2010
Manufacturer's Model No. V799
Almost all material are from paperboard
The Shtender is part of the box that opens up
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