Modular Wood Sukkah 6x8 Feet

48 Square Feet - Most Compact - Fully Customizable!

Modular Wood Sukkah 6x8 Feet

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This modular system, exclusively patented by Leiter's Sukkah, Inc. features easy to assemble aluminum frames with specially treated wood panel inserts with lamination on both sides.

By using a modular system, the Sukkah can be made to virtually any size and can be any number of walls. It can be enlarged at any time by simply adding additional panels.

Best Modular Sukkah in the Market!

  • Sliding Doors.
  • Window panel featuring sliding window with screen.
  • Wood panels are specially treated and finished on both sides - panels will not warp.
  • Wood beams notched.
  • No tools required. Panels interlock with each other. More »
  • Custom sized to fit any patio, porch, etc.
  • Top Quality: Heavy guage aluminum with alloy triple supports.


Prices does not include delivery and shipping fees. Please call (347) 234-5832 for delivery prices.

Product Details

Made in United States of America
Width 6 Feet (1.8288 meters)
Height 7 or 8 feet (2.1336 or 2.4384 meters)
Length 8 Feet (2.4384 meters)
Material Wood - עץ
Manufacturer Leiter's
MSRP $1359.99 Price $

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