Into the Whirlwind by Tzippora Price

A Novel

Into the Whirlwind by Tzippora Price

When the Rosenblums and Kahns, both typical families with teenaged children, decide to relocate to Israel, little do they dream of the repercussions that will soon follow. The struggles begin on a small scale, but it doesn't take long before they snowball into challenges of mammoth proportions. As each family deals with issues in its own way, readers get a very real glimpse into the world of family dynamics - when they come under attack.

Whirlwind weaves together the emotional drama of hurting teenagers with the insight and brilliance of those attempting to alleviate that pain, for a book whose realness will astound you.

Product Details

Format Hardcover
ISBN 978-0-9844921-0-7
Genre Novel
Age(s) Adults
Width 6¼ inches (15.88cm)
Height 9¼ inches (22.86cm)
Pages 240
Language English
Publisher Lions' Gate Press
Publishing Date July 2010
Manufacturer's Model No. R109
MSRP $20.95 Price $

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