Redemption [The CD]

Mayer Rivkin (Producer, Singer); Mendel Rivkin (Singer)

Redemption [The CD]
  1. Listen My Child
  2. A Voice in the Forest
  3. Moshiach's Dor
  4. Every Jew Possesses
  5. Rebbe, We Need You (Lyrics)
  6. To Love a Fellow Jew
  7. Shabbos
  8. A Young Boy
  9. Golus
  10. Wake Up Yidden
  11. It Happened Yom Kippur
  12. Oh Why?

This album, Mayer Rivkin's 3rd, features 13 meticulously chosen Chabad and other popular songs with the additions of English lyrics, widely described as Camp Songs. The lyrics that were joined to these melodies, were mostly written over the years, by staff members of numerous Chabad-Lubavitch run overnight camps, known as Camp Gan Israel.

Joining his father for the first time on a CD album, is young Mendel Rivkin. Together, father and son entertain and inspire, with stirring as well as joyful songs of the Kabbalistic / Chassidic tradition, conveying the ongoing pain and tribulations of exile, together with a strong message of faith and hope for the coming of Moshiach and the immediate redemption.

Every song on this album is part of an inspirational journey of music and song, which will hopefully transport the listener to the ultimate destination...the era of our long awaited Moshiach and Redemption.

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Gauge English Songs
Language English
Label Aderet Music - אדרת מוזיק
Release Date June 23, 2010
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