Esrog: The Movie

The Chassidic Tales: Stories of the Baal Shem Tov

Esrog: The Movie

The story of Dovid, a poor devoted Chassid of The Baal Shem Tov whose greatest desire was to be able to have a beautiful Esrog with which to celebrate the festival of Succos. When Dovid starts secretly saving for his dream Esrog, a wonderful hilarious tale unfolds.

The Esrog is the beautiful tale of Dovid, A poor Chassid whose greatest desire is to have a beautiful Esrog to celebrate the festival of Succos with. The fun begins when Dovid starts to secretly save a coin every day in order to fulfill his dream.

Based on a true story the film is replete with positive messages of humbleness and being satisfied with our lot in life.

Although the story is based on Jewish sources, the film has a very universal appeal, and is appreciated by people from all backgrounds.

Filmed in Stop motion animation, the film is highly enjoyable for kids and adults alike. This film will have your children (and yourself) rolling in laughter, while imparting messages of humbleness and being content with our lot.

Featuring "Yaakov And Eliyahu"
Bonus Features: "Dancing Rabbis"+ Music Videos

Directed by Tawd b. Dorenfeld
Produced by Natan Halevy, Tzvi Dorenfeld and Yehudah Kamman
Starring Peter Himmelman
Art Directed by Thomas J. Schaeffer and Dorenfeld
Character Designs by Tawd b. Dorenfeld
Edited by Dorenfeld and Mark Thornton

Produced by Holy World Productions

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UPC 700261303338
Package Also Includes 'Dancing Rabbis' and Music Videos
Format Video DVD
Genre Whole Family: Story Telling: Based on a True Story
Language English
Subtitles No
Label Holy World Productions
Release Date June 22, 2010
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