Betrayal by M. Kenan

War. Peace. Treason. Friendship.

Betrayal by M. Kenan

War. Peace. Treason. Friendship. A novel like none you've ever read.

War and treachery threaten the legendary kingdom of Khazar. And only the young prince, Istrak, untried, unsure of himself, can lead his people back to harmony.

The Betrayal is a novel too big to be defined by a simple description. It's a page-turner, with non-stop action and surprises. It's a family saga, following the lives, and the conflicts, of the many members of Khazar's royal house. It's a human drama, a story of growing up, of friendship and frailty; it's a mystery, with an unknown traitor plotting against the king.

A tremendously popular bestseller in its original Hebrew, The Betrayal is a gripping saga that blends the mythic history of a fascinating kingdom with a compelling and contemporary message.

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Format Hardcover
ISBN 978-1-4226-0985-9
Genre Novel / Historical
Width 6 inches (15.24cm)
Height 9 Inches (22.86cm)
Pages 600
Publisher Shaar Press (Artscroll)
Publishing Date May 2010
Manufacturer's Model No. BETRH
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