Waves of Blue - A Novel by Shoshanah Kagan

A Real-Life Experience with Postpartum Depression

Waves of Blue - A Novel by Shoshanah Kagan

From Turbulence to Tranquility: A Real-Life Experience with Postpartum Depression

It should have been a most joyful time in Shoshanah Kagan's life. So why was she feeling the exact opposite of joyful - like she was in the depths of a black pit, with no way out?

Waves of Blue is the story of Shoshanah Kagan, a devoted young Jewish mother's, experience with Postpartum Depression.

Sensitively and accurately, it chronicles each step of her heart-wrenching journey, from the start of her horrific symptoms; to her feelings of denial, guilt, and shame; to her eventual acceptance of her situation; to her ultimate recovery.

Also included is an entire informational section on PPD, written by distinguished medical professional, including psychiatrist, OB/GYN, and pediatrician, as well as an "Ask the Rabbi" section pertaining to the Torah perspective on this illness.

This story of a young mother's heroic struggle and eventual triumph over adversity will benefit anyone who reads it.

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Package Also Includes "Ask the Rabbi" and "Ask the Professional" Q&A section
Format Hardcover
ISBN 978-1-60091-089-0
Genre Novel / Real-Life Experience
Width 6.25 inches (15.88cm)
Height 9.25 inches (22.86cm)
Pages 200
Language English
Publisher Israel Book Shop
Manufacturer's Model No. L458
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