Perek Shira Pocket-Size Booklet by Yoel Vaxberg (v340)


Perek Shira Pocket-Size Booklet by Yoel Vaxberg (v340)

Good things come in small packages, they say. And that is absolutely true with this adorably petite Perek Shira booklet.


  • Perek Shira,
  • Shirat Nishmat/נשמת,
  • Birchat Hamazon / ברכת המזון in Ashkenaz/אשכנז and Edit Hamizrach / עדות המזרח,
  • Sheva Brochos,
  • and Me'en Shalosh.

With a lovely pink rose and gold designs on a cream cover, gold stamping looks pretty as anything. Use as a most creative and appreciated souvenir or gift!!!

About Perek Shira

Perek Shira is the song that is sung every day by all of Hashem's creations in the realms of Domem, Tzomeyach, and Chai. It is believed to have been authored by none-other than Dovid Hamelech himself, who (like the Holy Ba'al Shem Tov) had the power to converse with animals.


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Format Paperback (Soft Cover)
Width 2.5 inches (6.5cm)
Height 3.5 inches (9cm)
Pages 48
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