Windows to Destiny by Shia Moseson

A Trilogy

Windows to Destiny by Shia Moseson
Review by Mama Bear

Many are probably familiar with Shia Moseson's Hamodia serials, Windows to Destiny, Windows to Glory, Windows to Valor, etc. Now two of these stories are available in book form as a trilogy - with an additional novelette at the beginning. I read the 2 serials before, so I wasnt in a hurry to reread them, but the novelette stunned me! I was always so impressed with Shia Moseson's fictional Rusvyaner Rebbes -t he american one and the Israeli one, they were just the kindn of Rebbes I wish there really exist today! I also loved that entire senior citizens minyan, Shmiel Hoffner and the gang - they are so funny and real. But, I never knew the background information about those 2 rebbes, hwo they are related and how their whole Chassidus came about. Enter the first story in this book, Windows to Glory. I had tears in my eyes by the last page, seriously. If you love a good mystery story with a frum bent, with dry humor and wit, this is the book for you - especially if you have never read these 2 serials (Windows to Valor and Windows to Fortitude). If you have read it, it's much easier to read it now in book form than in those short increments they were published in. I hope and wish and am even a little disappointed that the last serial which appeared just a few months ago (the whole thing with Motty's Yichus) wasnt part of this book becauset hat serial confused me so, I'd love to have that in book form. Anyway, that's my 'review' of this book, if anyone has read it pleae speak up!

From the lost world of Galicia to the hallowed streets of Yerushalayim; the quaint antiquity of a New England town to the hustle and bustle of New York City.

Come and look through the Window of Destiny and get to know a world like no other.

Across continents and generations, characters link and fates intertwine as twists and turns ultimately reach a poignant crescendo. Take a glimpse through the Window of Destiny, and you'll find that once you have, you'll never be able to look back!

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Format Hardcover
ISBN 978-0-979-1155-7-8
Genre Novel / Trilogy
Width 6.25in
Height 9.25in
Pages 344
Language English
Publisher Hamodia Treasures
Publishing Date March 9, 2010
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