Forever With Me by Shoshana Rube

A Journey Through Pain, Loss and Hope

Forever With Me by Shoshana Rube

If you’re the type who likes a good cry, and you’re looking to be inspired in a meaningful way, this new book is the perfect book for you.

Forever With Me is a moving memoir depicting the searing pain of a teenager who watches her mother suffer from a terminal illness and eventually succumb to it.

In her honest account, the author shares personal letters written lovingly to her mother as disease swept across her mother's body, as well as the letters she wrote even after her mother's untimely passing.

Through the letters, we watch a young girl struggle with pain, yet find strength for the future and emerge from the heartbreak in a hopeful and optimistic frame of mind.

This is a book that will bring you to tears, yet will uplift and inspire you at the same time.

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Format Paperback (Soft Cover)
ISBN 978-0-578-04842-0
Pages 200
Language English
Publisher Israel Book Shop
Publishing Date May 14, 2010
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Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Chaya S. from New York

I have never read such a gut wrenching book which was so well written. Just when I couldn't take any more of the pain, the author switched to her story of the recovery.
As moved to tears as I was with the sympathy I felt for the writer, I was moved even more by the 2nd half of the book and the way she drew closer to Hashem.
I went through similar experiences though I was a bit younger than Mrs. Rube was at the time of her loss.
We could all use a dose of the Emunah Peshuta so beautifully displayed in the memoir.
I finish the whole book within 24 hours of purchasing it from "Judaica Savings". But that's just the start...

May 2010