Tallis Hamefoar - Black Stripes - Weekday or Shabbos

No-Slip Tallis - Cashmere Tallit

Tallis Hamefoar - Black Stripes - Weekday or Shabbos

Special Features

  • Special anti-slip weave keeps the Tallis where you want.
  • Extremely lightweight and comfortable.
  • Exceptionally beautiful weave. True Hiddur Mitzvah.
  • Kesher Shel Kayama prevents Chillul Shabbos.
  • No-fray Tzitzis.
  • Matching wool corner-patch.

The Tallis HaMefoar is known to be the lightest, most comfortable Tallit ever produced. It also features a special weave to keep it from slipping off your shoulders. But while most non-slip weaves are coarse, the Tallis HaMefoar is smooth and pleasant to touch.

Everything you've expected from a Talis, they've included!

They've employed the ultimate in state-of-the-art technology at the world famous Talitania factory, and spared no detail, resulting in a Talis you'll be proud of for generations.

The finest quality yarn is exquisitely textured to ensure no slippage from your shoulders, and provides you with a brighter and lighter Talis.

The Kanaf are made from the same material as the Talis itself. Our Talis Hamefoer also features no-fray Tzitzis; they won't unwind, separate or become fluffy.

All this and more, to make sure the Talis Hamefoer is one you'll cherish for years to come.

Product Details

Package Also Includes Lining and Sidebands
Material 100% Wool
No-Frey Tzitzis Yes
Kesher shel Kayama (Permanent Knot) Yes
Manufacturer Talitanya - טליתניה
Hechsher - הכשר‎ (Supervision) Edah HaChareidis - עדה החרדית
Lining and sideband are included in the price.


Some option-combinations may be out-of-stock.

The heavy wool is not available in size 51x71 (#55).

Price $

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Customer Reviews

Simply the Best!
Reviewed by Rabbi Aurbach from Brooklyn, NY

I have been using this Tallit for over months now, and it never slips off my shoulders. The most important feature for me.

May 2010

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