Wool Arba Kanfot for Chabad Adults - With Silk Corners

100% Wool; Round-Neck with Two-Holes

Wool Arba Kanfot for Chabad Adults - With Silk Corners

Arba Kanfot / ארבע כנפות (also known as Tzitzit/ציצית/Tzitzis/Arba Kanfos/טלית כנפות/Tallit Katan) made of 100% Sheep Wool.

Reinforced Neck! Guarenteed Not To Tear!

This High quality Wool Tzitzit-garment is durable and breathable. Around the neck, a reinforcement keeps it from ripping.

Kosher by Highest Standards

Kosher by Orthodox Standards Badatz and Bet Yoseph.

High Quality Kosher Wool Tzitzit Garment Durable and easy to wash

Made in Israel, meeting the strictest standards of Jewish Law. The tag attached is provided by the manufacturer and certifies it as Kosher.

נוסח חב"ד לובאוויטש

Chabad custom and style

Made with the round neck and two (2) diagonal holes, according the Chabad/Lubavitch custom.

Each corner is patched with a silk material, according the Chabad/Lubavitch custom.

Custom Orders

The following options are considered to be a custom order that may take a little longer to ship, and cannot be returned or exchanged.

  • Selection of thicker Avodat Yad (עבודת יד) Tzitzit-strings.
  • Selection of any size of Menupatz Lishmoh (מנופץ לשמה) Tzitzit-strings.
  • Selection of any size or type of Techelet (תכלת) Tzitzit-strings.
  • Kesher Shel Kayama / Permanent Knot

Product Details

Made in Israel - ארץ ישראל
Button/Zipper none; Pull-over
Pattern striped
Color Off White
Age(s) 13+
Material Wool/וואהל/צמר
Nusach - נוסח (Custom) Chabad-Lubavich - חב''ד לובאוויטש
No-Frey Tzitzis Yes
Washing Instructions Use the special wash bag
Manufacturer's Model No. AKWC
Hechsher - הכשר‎ (Supervision) Edah HaChareis or Rav Wosner
עדה החרדית או הרב וואזנר

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