Say Asay by Shloime Gertner

Say Asay by Shloime Gertner

Song List

  1. Say Asay
  2. Hashamayim
  3. Ashrei
  4. Nishmas Kol Chai
  5. BSimcha
  6. Shabbos Hayom
  7. Baruch Sheamar
  8. Re'ei Na Beinainu
  9. Ein Kelokeinu
  10. Min Hameitzar
  11. Misameach
  12. Mi Bon Siach
  13. Happy Birthday
  14. Yivarechecha

Shloime Gertner's Say Asay is the long awaited follow up to his smash debut album, Nissim. Say Asay features songs by Yossi Green, Pinky Weber, Yitzy Waldner, Yitzy Gurwitz, Motti Illowitz and Baruch Levine.

Arrangements by Leib Yaakov Rigler, Moshe Laufer, Eli Lishinsky, Shai Bachar and Yisroel Lamm.

This CD features 14 tracks and was produced by TeeM Productions, Yossi Tyberg and Gershy Moskowitz.

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Label TeeM Productions
Publishing Date February 1, 2010
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Compact Disc (CD)

$19.99 $15.99

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