Beck, Simcha

Beck, Simcha

A Ketubah by Rabbi Simcha Beck is the perfect wedding gift. In the tradition of Jewish artists of centuries ago, he illuminates and illustrates the Ketubah to add to its beauty. He uses gold and silver illumination and permanent water colors on the finest rag paper.

Each Ketubah is executed by hand according to the exact specifications of the client. Colors are carefully blended to complement the design, be it traditional, classical or modern design. He offers both custom hand painted and limited editions color prints.


Blossoms Ketubah by Rabbi Simcha Beck

שטר כתובה - פריחת Blossoms Ketubah by Rabbi Simcha Beck
This Blossoms Ketubah features oriental colors and motifs highlighted by scenes from Israel. The text is circumscribed by gold embossed lettering of blessings recited under the Chuppah. Individual monograms and color changes, has additional costs. See below. A personalized Ketubah order should be placed at least three (3) weeks prior to th...
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$175.00 $131.25
The blank Ketubah is to be filled out (names, date, and location) during the wedding, usually by the Rabbi.

Please note: It may take up to 7 days for this to ship.