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Kids' Sefer Torah for Children Kids' Sefer Torah for Children Pretend Sefer Torah for kids to play. A great toy ...
Kugelach - Jacks - Chamesh Avanim Kugelach - Jacks - Chamesh Avanim Jacks (or known in Yiddish as Kugelech) is a playground game for children. The game originated hundreds of years ago, when the only playthings boys and girls had were materials they found near their homes. They collected small stones and animal bones and learned to use them in a game. They tossed them into the air in a way similar to today's version of the game. An older version of the game used five stone cubes made of clay, wood, ivory, bone, plastic, or other substances. The game is usually played with two people. Kugelach is the most populer jewish game. You will find kids playing wi ...
Purim Toys Purim Toys Toys for Purim ...
Silly Bandz Silly Bandz Silly Bandz are made of silicone rubber formed into shapes including animals, objects, numbers, and letters. The Origin and Concept of Silly Bandz Silly Bandz come in hundreds of different shapes and colors. On a wrist, they function like a regular bracelet, and when taken off they revert to their original shape. They are often worn many at a time and are traded like other collectibles. They can also be used for their original intent—as a regular rubber band. It is not recommended, however, to use them as hair ties, as they can get stuck in hair and pull out your hair. The original s ...

Biblical Bandz - Jewish Silly Bands

Jewish-themed Sillybandz: The more you buy, the more you save Biblical Bandz - Jewish Silly Bands Tooltip icon

Chanukah Silly Bandz

גומיה טיפשי לחנוכה Chanukah Silly Bandz Tooltip icon

Rainbow Kugelach - Colorful Jacks

  Rainbow Kugelach - Colorful Jacks Tooltip icon

Shpring and Twist - Electronic Twister and Dance Mat

שפרינג & Twist Yiddish Activity Game Shpring and Twist - Electronic Twister and Dance Mat Tooltip icon