Scheinbaum, Rabbi A. Leib

Scheinbaum, Rabbi A. Leib

Rabbi A. Leib Scheinbaum is a versatile, veteran educator who has worked in all areas of the Hebrew Academy of Cleveland’s educational spectrum. Currently serving as Director of Special Projects, he oversees various educational endeavors. Founding Director of the Academy’s Camp STEP, he has guided the program to become the premier day camp in the Midwest. As National Director of the Academy’s Living Memorial Project, he has overseen the publication of a national Holocaust curriculum on The World That Was.

A musmach of Telshe Yeshiva, he is a dynamic writer whose Peninim Al HaTorah inspires thousands world-wide.

He can be contacted at 216-321-5838 ext. 165, or by fax at 216-321-0588.


The World That Was: Ashkenaz - The Legacy of German Jewry 843-1945

By Rabbi A. Leib Scheinbaum The World That Was: Ashkenaz - The Legacy of German Jewry 843-1945
Survival and Perseverance in Defiance of Prejudice and Adversity From its humble beginnings in Mainz to its shockingly swift and brutal end at the blood-soaked hands of the Nazis, the Jewish communities of Ashkenaz were a vital link in the chain of Torah transmission, a vibrant and important part of Jewish life and thought that has influenced...
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